I’ve now been involved with working on a few projects from conception. Some projects have moved past the planning and research stages, but I think i’ve learned just as much from the projects that have never happened. By projects I also mean companies. For one reason or another they haven’t gotten off the ground, and in a lot of cases, this was probably a really good thing, because of timing, or not having the right team etc…

I’ve taken bits and pieces away from each experience, and have at least been able to learn what not to do if nothing else. After college, I found an opportunity, with partners, we wrote a plan, had meetings, drew up a schematic, and looked into manufacturing vs. partnering with someone for a licensing deal. With all that being said, we got stopped in the funding stages, and I think all of us were a little under experienced.

Wally Roth, ended up being a great mentor to Patrick, Joe, and myself. Here is the plan that we started.